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“When you hit a wall – of your own imagined limitations – just kick it in.”
— Sam Shepard

Hey, you!

Thanks for stopping by. If we’ve never met before I’d like to take this chance to formally introduce myself. I’m Chloe. A light loving, mountain climbing, beach dwelling, smoothie drinking, moon worshipping, self-confessed shopaholic who manages a dog Instagram account for fun.

I am a multi-passionate producer who creates and edits beautiful videos and photographs for some of Australia’s leading heart-centred entrepreneurs, speakers, independent fashion designers, influencers and personalities. 

Having spent the past few years dedicating my time behind-the-scenes producing and launching multiple world-class training series, creating a chart topping podcast, consulting entrepreneurs, stadiums and local government and putting their name on the digital map, it’s finally time to come home and spend time with those who “have been dreaming of creating, but never knew how to” and those ready to step into their own light.

YOU. I’m talking about, you. 

I cannot wait to work with you, learn about your mission and make some pretty crazy magick happen! 

Chloe xx

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