The Half Moon Hero

Hero Imagery to launch your mission.

Everything you need to start rocking your brand and building your brands presence in this world and online!


The Hero Series

Hero image catalogue + your very own custom presets

THE package for those who are ready to step it up and truly start honouring and honing in on their brand and zone of genius. 


The Full Moon Hero

An EPIC catalogue of hero imagery, conversion video PLUS custom made presets created for your brand.

This is the bees knees of branding gold and will supply you with everything you need to cement you and with a premium brand that truly speaks to your audience.


The launch series

Full catalogue of hero imagery, your three-part video series, conversion video PLUS  custom made presets tailored to your brand.

This is it! When it comes to launches, this is the key ingredient, the lotion to your potion, the ‘c’ to your cement and will help position the world at your fingertips when you commit to diving deep. If you are ready to fully step into your light, welcome. You’ve arrived just in time!


Social Magick

The ultimate delivery of on point, on brand, on trend imagery for next level social magick and sales conversions!

Fresh, quality and consistent imagery for social media is KING and everyone knows it (or at least now you do)! Fully styled in your brand's flavour and delivered month-to-month for entrepreneurs as well as small and boutique businesses. 

For those who don't want to sink or swim out there but are ready for the freedom to dive right in!



Fresh, consistent imagery for your business or brand.

Made for entrepreneurs, small and boutique businesses who know that time is precious and want to pack a months worth of content into 60 minutes of less.

For those who are ready to be a pack leader in a flock full of sheep.



There's so much magick in the everyday that is often overlooked by the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives. It's my full-time job to be a storyteller. These intimate sessions are limited in availability, made to capture special moments and the ones you love most!